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    Ciao a tutti, devo completare un esercizio in un test per una scuola in Inglese, purtroppo sono un principiante dei principianti e sono in grossa difficolta, spero possiate aiutarmi a trovare la soluzione corretta.

    A toy store has a list with the daily sales of a particular toy, i.e.
    what quantity of that toy was sold each day. The manager wants to know
    if the sales are evenly spread or fluctuate wildly. More precisely, they
    want a program that prints the range of the sales, i.e. the difference
    between the highest and lowest daily sale. For example, if the list is
    [4, 2, 10, 7] then the range is 10 – 2 = 8.

    the patterns for the subproblem types you identified, instantiate the
    patterns into an algorithm, and translate the algorithm into code. Make
    sure you use appropriate variable names and comments.

    ...please help... :)