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  • How to Run a Python Script?
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    Running the Hello, World! Python Script Using IDLESince the 1.5.2b1 implementation version of Python, the Python environment is accompanied by an integrated development environment known as IDLE. It is available as an optional part of the Python packaging. IDLE is written in Python and Tkinter, Python's de facto GUI.

    Other than running Python scripts directly from the terminal, they can also be executed using IDLE. Here are the step-by-step instructions on executing a Python script using IDLE:
    Step # 01 - Run IDLE. It will open to "Python Shell" window along with a >>> prompt
    Step # 02 - Click on the File tab and then New Window. A new Untitled window will open. Here you can edit a Python script
    Step # 03 - Enter the Python script, print ("Hello, World!"), In the Untitled window
    Step # 04 - Now, go to the Run tab and then click on the Run Module option. Alternatively, you can press F5 to execute the Python script instantly
    Step # 05 - Before displaying the output, you will be prompted with a dialog “Source Must Be Saved. OK to Save? "Click OK to continue.
    Step # 06 - In the Save As dialog, specify the directory where you wish to save the Python script and a name for the Python script
    Step # 07 - Now, the "Python Shell" window will display the output (Hello, World!) For the Python script
    Step # 08 - You can edit the Python script and re-run the modified code as many times as required

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