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    Hi everyone, I'm just starting out with Python, right at the start.
    I practice Airsoft, and in the club we have the honor of having a special person with muscular dystrophy. We have invented the figure of the analyst to involve him in our simulations, and I would like to develop a program to make him truly "operational" at base camp ....

    Having said that, I would need a big hand and a lot of patience:

    I created a menu with buttons; I would like to understand how to open a program external to Python, such as Access or Excel, by clicking on the corresponding button.
    Hi Carlo

    I guess the intention is to open a file with the default application in the system, right? If so about a year ago, in another forum, I opened this thread , the suggestions I was given were effective, read it, it will be useful to you.

    Regarding "how" to open it, I suppose you are using the tkinter framework, you use events with associated callback functions, in jargon it is called "binding", there are several examples on the net.

    Unfortunately, the programming of graphical interfaces is an already advanced topic, difficult for the beginners, difficulties are foreseeable.

    I had a grandson with muscular dystrophy and I remember with pain not being able to find a way to get him to command a computer by voice (it was many years ago, the technology much more limited) if you have problems being heard, I am not very experienced and I also have little time but, if I can, I will try to give you a hand.


    thanks for the awesome information.

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